Bayerischer Forschungsverbund “Zukunft der Demokratie” (ForDemocracy)


The 25 members of the Research Association and its eleven projects are engaged in an internal dialogue process on the Topics of the Association over the course of four years. At the same time, the network opens up to the outside world in various formats and invites dialogue.

Particularly important to us is the exchange with the approximately 40 organisations from the field that participate directly in the 11 research projects in different settings. For this purpose, we have introduced the format of the so-called Practice Conference. The first Practice Conference took place on November 15th, 2018, at the start of the collaborative work. The second will be implemented in an online format on 24 April 2021, including a preparatory meeting for joint preparation with partners from the field. The third Practice Conference is planned for the end of 2022, when the results of the joint working and learning process will be considered and evaluated.

In addition, other Events are held, often in cooperation with other institutions, to discuss issues and (interim) results with the interested public. One of the highlights was the workshop day in cooperation with the Munich Adult Education Centre “Demokratie weiter denken – Zukunftswerkstatt” on 15 February 2020.

On October 2nd, 2021, the research network will participate in the “Lange Nacht der Demokratie”. You will find us there, among other things, in the Ferris wheel at the Werksviertel in Munich, in the gondolas of which ForDemocracy members will offer short workshops on their research topics. The kick-off event and the monthly teaser events can already be viewed and attended online.

The Scientific Blog on the Blog platform hypotheses offers the opportunity to gain insight into the work of the network and to enter into dialogue through comments.